Advertise With Us


The Chamber has many ways to help our members advertise and network their services with other members and the Community.

Member Directory


25 Words
$33 per year

Each member may have a 25-word description of their services for a cost of only $33 per year.


Connect Your Website
$58 per year

A Hyperlink or Weblink to a member’s website is only $58 for one year.


Image Is Everything
$75 per month

Each member may include their logo or image in their directory entry for $75 per month ($900/year)

Mailing Labels

$100 for members

Labels for Mailing to those listed in the Member Directory. (Non-Members – $300)

Newsletters & E-Blasts

Newsletter Ads

monthly emails
$30 per month

A Business Card Ad in the Monthly E-Dispatch. Business Card must be submitted in jpeg format to the Chamber office to [email protected].

E-Blast to Members

monthly emails
$50 per month

Members may design and send in for release to Chamber Members a Promotional E-Blast. The Chamber Webmaster will make sure it meets our requirements prior to release. Two per month are scheduled; check with the office to see what availability is.

Website Advertisement

Web Ads

advertise on our website
$50 per month

Each New Member receives a free web ad for 3 months (125 x 125 pixels in a tiff or gif format). Following the 3 months, these may continue for $50 a month or $500 per year.

Website Sponsorship Pages

have your banner ad on our home page
$375 per month

 Banner Home Page: $375 per month or $4,500 per year.

Header Ads

advertise with a header
$275 per month

 Header Sponsorships: $275.00 per month or $3,300 per year

Reservations for attendance at Chamber events, programs, or functions, must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the event to receive a full refund.Reservations for event display, such as a booth at a fair or trade show, have dates set for each event. All these events require cancellation in writing at least two weeks before the event to receive a 90% refund. Cancellations after that date are non-refundable.